Venue of ICCSA 2019


Faculty of Economics, Saint Petersburg University

Tavricheskaya Ulitsa, 21, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 191015


How to get to ICCSA 2019 Location:


You can get to Saint Petersburg by: 

  • Aircraft. Pulkovo airport from all over the world.
  • Train. Moskovsky railway station from Moscow direction. Finlyandsky railway station from Finland. Vitebsky railway station from Belarus direction.
  • Ferry. Port of St.Petersburg from Finland, Estonia and Sweden.


 From airport:

The main airport in St. Petersburg is Pulkovo (LED), which serves international and domestic flights. From the airport you can get to the ICCSA 2019 location also by taxi or public transport. A ride by taxi takes approximately 30 min., by public transport - 1 h. 30 min.

We advise you to use the licensed taxi service of Pulkovo airport:

If you choose public transport, you should take a bus 39, 39A­ or K39 and follow to the bus stop "Moskovskaya" metro station. Then take a train and follow to “Chernyshevskaya” metro station.

From railway station:

There are 4 railway stations in St. Petersburg which serve long-distance trains. From them you can get to ICCSA 2019 location by taxi or public transport.

Each railway station is connected to a metro station:

  • Moskovsky railway station ↔ Ploschad Vosstania metro station
  • Vitebsky railway station ↔ Pushkinskaya metro station
  • Ladozhsky railway station ↔ Ladozhskaya metro station
  • Finlyandsky railway station ↔ Ploschad’ Lenina metro station

You should take a train and follow to to “Chernyshevskaya” metro station.


From Ferry:

 How to get from the sea station:

  • By bus К6, К359А or К690 to the metro station  ”Primorskaya”. Then you should take a train and follow to to “Chernyshevskaya” metro station. 
  • You can get directly to the ICCSA 2019 location by trolleybus number 11, on the way there will be a lot of historical sights of St. Petersburg-St. Kazansky Cathedral and the University embankment, the Hermitage and Palace square, Nevsky prospect and other monuments. But it will take approximately 1 hour. 
  • Also you can take a taxi to get to the venue.


From “Chernyshevskaya” metro station to the venue: 

  • On foot it will take approximately 15-20 minutes.
  • By bus 105, 22, К-163, К-167, К-269, К-389, К-51, К-90 or trolleybus 15  it will take 10 min.



Red line - way from Metro station;

Blue line - way from hotel Russ.



Welcome reception


The Welcome reception will take place in the banquet hall of Saint Petersburg State University on Birzhevaya liniya, 6

How to get:

  • Walking on foot will take 1 hour 10 mi
  • By public transport nearly 40 min. Trolleybus number 11 to station "University"

Link to the map